Language tells us who you are because we are the words we use.

Language, of course, is always changing – but also we have lost our language and or we have given it away. – For example the Australian population finds it simpler to constantly repeat the same few words and phrases, used in movies and the American TV sitcoms which dominate the nation’s evenings. – “Absolutely!” – That’s what’s happening. Here are just a few Australian alternatives to the all mighty word “absolutely”.

  • Too right!

  • Too true!
  • Is the Pope a Catholic?
  • That’s dead right.
  • I reckon!
  • I’ll say!
  • You bet!
  • My oath!
  • For sure!
  • You can say that again.
  • My word!
  • Good on you.
  • Sounds right.
  • Dead set!
  • Righty-ho!

Hopefully these words will stay on a bit longer! Don’t give them away!

Bye for now! - Or with a few Australian farewells:

  • Ta-ta
  • Hooray
  • Have fun
  • Ooroo
  • Hooroo
  • Cheerio
  • Nice talking to you
  • Talk to you later
  • Bye for now
  • We must get in touch down the track

Ursula Simak